2010 Conference

2010 Conference

2010 ALR Conference LogoThe seventh Active Living Research Annual Conference was held February 9-11, 2010 at The US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, CA. 

The theme for the 2010 conference was Engaging Communities to Create Active Living Environments. The theme encompassed multiple research areas that are related to ALR's goal of reversing the childhood obesity epidemic.  To enhance the relevance and impact of research, it is important to engage communities in defining research questions, identifying promising environmental and policy solutions, and ensuring results are meaningful to the people who are affected.  The theme also included research on communicating research to communities and engaging communities in using research to advocate for improved conditions to support active living.

A secondary theme of the conference was Accelerating Progress in Reversing Childhood Obesity.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and ALR have a goal of reversing the epidemic by 2015, which is just a few years away.  Slow, steady change will not be sufficient to meet this goal, so we examined potential solutions that can be implemented both rapidly and widely.

A select number of papers presented at the 2010 conference are available for free in the January 2011 supplemental issue of the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

You can view the 2010 conference presentations by clicking on each day's agenda.

2010 Translating Research to Policy Award

The third annual Translating Research to Policy Award recognizes an innovative team representing research who has had success in catalyzing policy and environmental change of relevance to youth physical activity, sedentary behavior and obesity prevention. For more information on the recipients, please visit the 2010 Translation Award web page.